Date last updated: 16/06/2023 08:58:17
16.06.2023 Castle Coombe Track Day

Friday 25th August - Track Day - Castle Coombe - VMCC Exclusive Group of 20 riders - Entries now open

Visit for more details.

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15.06.2023 Banbury Run

The iconic Banbury Run is this weekend.  Special guests Henry Cole and Allen Millyard will be riding and also filming for the TV series.  This event is not to be missed.

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15.06.2023 Cadwell Track Week end
  • Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th September 2023 - Cadwell Moto - Cadwell Park

Many members enjoyed an excellent weekend at Cadwell last year organised by the VMCC and also at the 75th Anniversary event the previous year. Some members have suggested doing this again in 2023, as a finishing event for the season. There may be an opportunity for members to have their own group at the forthcoming Cadwell Track weekend organised by Classic Bike Track days. There may also be a possibility to allow entry sharing over the two days as a way of keeping the costs down (This is not usually acceptable to CBT).

John Bottomley is willing to co-ordinate entries but only if sufficient riders can be found to make up a group for the two days.

Details about the weekend, costs, etc are on the CBT website

There is very little time to make this happen, the event is already filling up with other non-VMCC riders. Initially John will be the point of contact for entries rather that CBT. If there is sufficient interest then the plan would be for you to enter and pay CBT, John would have reserved weekend places for you.

To register interest please contact John Bottomly ASAP and no later than 3rd July 2023. He would require the follwoing information:

  • Name of a rider who would book the weekend place
  • Name of alternate rider for the second day
  • Make, model, capacity and age of the bike being ridden

No payment is required at this time, it is expected that you would honour your commitment to ride.

John will confirm if he has the numbers required to make up a group and will also give you your entry confirmation and payment instructions by email on the 4th July …

Feel free to circulate this email to others, even non-members, with the proviso that we only want older classic bikes not “modern” super bikes and riders, they are already catered for by CBT.

Contact John Bottomley for further details, do NOT contact Allen House.

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